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November 11, 2008

Google ninja challenge-some results

The Google Ninja challenge was launched on the 23rd of October.  Volunteers were asked to fill in a preliminary questionnaire, and then were given 8 things to query in Google.  Then they did a de-brief survey.

In the preliminary survey they were asked how confident they were that they would find all the information.  Most were 80% confident.  They did however struggle, or not find it quite as easy as they had thought.  Internet professionals were no exception to the rule.

What is hard about those queries?  That's a question I'll be asking you.

It is hard, although some people have managed quite easily to find the answers.  Some gave off-topic answers that were as close as they could get, some just couldn't find the information.

I'm still collecting data, if you think you can handle the challenge, give it a shot and see how you go.

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