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October 23, 2008

Think you're good with Google?

 Are you a Google ninja?  Can you master any query thrown at you?  Would you like to win a cool book all about language and computers (it'll help you understand search engines)?

If so, take part in the Google Ninja Challenge:

You're given 8 query contexts or questions, and then you're asked to find out the answer using Google.

You keep your queries from the first till the last one you used to find the right information - it's not about how few queries you found the information in, it's simply about finding the information.

About the experiment:

This is part of an experiment not on Google but rather on users, so it's an HCI experiment.  The KIA project (knowledge interaction agent) is all about natural language generation and understanding.  We can't do any of that if we don't know how users search for things or what language they use for example.  The first part of the experiment happened in 2006/7 and was based on an irritating chatbot system that helped us understand how accepting users were of susch things.  You can read my research on that here, it's a Springer paper from HCI International.

The winner of the book is chosen by a group of researchers at the university.  The reason for that person winning will be revealed in the experiment analysis afterwards.

If you want to take part....

  1. Start here by filling out the intro survey
  2. Once you've done that - play with the 8 queries
  3. Finally fill in the de-brief form with all your answers
Have fun people and thanks :)

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