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October 15, 2008

Geeks fight the digital divide

This blog is taking part in Blog Action Day and this is the contribution, putting the floodlights on "Free Geek":

"Free Geek" has been around since 2000.  It's a non-profit organisation that recycles computer scrap to make working machines, to distribute into the community to those who can't afford them, thus helping bridge the digital divide:

"In the eight years since its formation, Free Geek has recycled over 1,500 tons of electronic scrap and refurbished over 15,000 computer systems that are now in use by individuals and organizations in the community."

These cool new machines are loaded with OpenSource software such as Linux and OpenOffice for example, and then they're shipped out into the community.  They're not called computers anymore after that, they're called "FreekBoxes".  

You can apply to adopt a computer, you can volunteer and help build them, and you can donate computers, keyboards, mice, monitors,...They also need stuff like toilet roll, food and printer paper to keep the operation working, and also screwdrivers and such things.

They are based in Portland, OR.  You can go to the site and donate money though.  It's a brilliant initiative and maybe some of you will be inspired to do the same thing in your local community.


Cynthia Wunsch said...

Thank you for participating in Blog Action Day and bringing this non-profit organization to my attention. I'm going to pass on the information to a friend of mine heavily involved in the non-profit community and hope that something comes of this for you. They are doing wonderful work and I wish them every success!

CJ said...

Thanks Cynthia, they are a brilliant organisation indeed!

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