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October 21, 2008


Linkscape is a cool tool created by SEOMoz which retrieves statistics about links, in fact you can try it out here.

It has created a lot of noise, there are 11,200 results for it in Google if you search "Linkscape seo".  I won't go into it because you can read a wealth of posts and articles if you want to know what it is and what all the fuss is about.

In favour (to name but one):

Against (to name but one):

Balanced (not so many around):

Basically - privacy is the problem, and worrying about data being sold.

I do understand the issues that are being put across and respect everyone's view on this too.

But... I seeing a trend here?  Every time something cool gets released (like Chrome), it gets knocked for privacy and security issues.  And most of this is usually fueled by hearsay and not based on many concrete facts for the most part (remember how Chrome had a keylogger?).  How is any kind of progress possible if we all kick anything new that gets released?

I don't want my bank account details, phone number, home address, medical history or email account contents listed on any search engine or system or to be accessed by any public tool.  The websites? Sure...take a look, I don't mind.


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