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October 06, 2008

SEOmoz's index

 Today Rand from SEOmoz announced that his people had been creating their own index of the web so that they can launch the Linkscape tool for SEO professionals to use, as well as some new pro membership tools.  They released a Linkscape comic  à la Chrome, but it's really quite funny too.

In short, Linkscape has a crawler (perhaps more than one doing different jobs), it uses a popularity measure and assigns a link popularity score to each page.  It uses MozTrust which is apparently like TrustRank to identify trustworthiness.  It provides you with metrics on how your site sits compared to others in the space.  It'll also give you "the quantity and distribution of the anchor text  that a given site or page has  received from its inlinks".

You can try it out here.  It looks good!

SEOmoz always have some really cool tools on offer, some free, some not, but all equally useful.  This announcement is quite exciting, I think it'll grow to be something really fun to play with, or to work with, depending on how geeky you are.

1 comment:

Kenneth Dreyer said...

Linkscape sure is a great tool! I've been reading about it all day and I can't way until they roll out new functions about it - this data is so damn valuable..hehe! I wrote a post about it myself today:

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