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October 20, 2008

SISN toolkit for social media

 Kicking off the week with a technical poster from Michigan University called "SISN: A Toolkit for Augmenting Expertise Sharing via Social Networks".  

They're developing a toolkit to support expertise sharing via social networks.  The toolkit "SISN" (Seeking Information via Social Networks) is "is a general purpose toolkit for social network-based information sharing applications that combines techniques in information retrieval, social network, and peer-to-peer system".

Their toolkit requires:

• A collection of users with their expertise being represented by their profiles
• A social network that connects the users and place them along the query/referral/answer pipeline
• A collection of searching strategies to spread the query/referral efficiently across different user groups
• A coupling of the system with daily communication channels (e.g. IM and
Email) to provide a convenient interface between the major parties involved in the information seeking process

The system consists of:
  • Information profiling
  • An index
  • Categorizer
  • Social network module
  • Social network module
  • Profile Promoter and Peer Profile Learner
 They say that there is a gap between the search for information on social networks and the advent of the web and Internet in this information era:

"We believe that, by providing a general-purpose toolkit as a platform for sharing and seeking expertise via social networks, the current work helps us advance towards narrowing the gap between the social and technical perspectives of social network-based information seeking, i.e. the gap “between what we have to do socially and what computer science as a field knows how to do technically”.

I think that this would lead to a whole new rush to optimise yourself so that you show up in the experts for your chosen subject area.  

Unfortunately as far as I can tell they haven't made it freely available to us as yet which is a shame, but I'll watch that space.

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