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October 24, 2008

No SEO, no links - tons of traffic and #1 rankings!

we're all trying to get traffic to our clients websites and maybe even our own, and we work so hard on SEO, social media, marketing techniques to try and achieve that.

My boyfriend started a blog and within a few weeks he had over 500 people coming along.

No PageRank, no links, no social media work, nothing.  No SEO involvement at all. How did he do it?

Easy: he posted about coding errors. Some of them were very rare.  When he got a tough one, he searched everywhere online to find the answer to his problem, but often couldn't find a related resource,  When he had finally worked it out, he posted about how to fix it.

Because he was the only person to provide specialist information like this, he topped the rankings easily, and people flocked to his blog :)

What did he do next?  Shut it down as he was short on time and had other interests.  Typical :)

What has he done now?  Started blogging again, and's working out. 


Kneoteric eSolutions said...

'The first movers advantage', a marketing thought that tells you that if you have the first movers advantage you are likely to stay ahead in the race for a long time, until you do something stupid.

SEO Optimazation blog said...

So basicly that can be a short time too, when you make a mistake fast :P

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