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November 04, 2008

Footage of the coolest IR geeks

Here are 2 videos of short interviews with the coolest and geekiest people in IR: C.J Van Rijsbergen, David Hawkin, Kilnam Chon, Yves Chiaramella,...- they discuss their vision for the future of information retrieval.

The footage was taken at the 1st information retrieval facility conference in 2006.  

Funnily enough, we're still talking about all the same things today.

They all agree that we need to be good at learning, because technology moves so fast.  If you don't know how to learn, you'll be left behind.   The main focus for them seems to revolve around human computer interaction, semantics and more personalisation.  There is worry that people aren't so critical anymore over the quality of the resources, and many people seem to think they can find everything online, which isn't true.

It's interesting to hear these people give their expert views and to see just how far we think we've come, and how far we've actually come.  The big problems remain, the small things we've worked with.  

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