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November 06, 2008

The Information Retrieval Facility symposium

The Information Retrieval Facility is hosting a live stream of its event in Austria over the next couple of days.

The IRF is non-profit, Open Science friendly, publishes a lot, and is committed to transparency.  It's an Open IR science institution providing information on scientific results and newly developed methods.

"Like no other facility in the world, the IRF provides a powerful supercomputing infrastructure that is exclusively concerned with semantic processing of text. It has at its heart a huge collection of documents representing the global archive of ideas and inventions in an environment, which allows large-scale scientific experiments on ways to manage and retrieve this knowledge. This enormous collection of real data allows IR researchers from all over the world to experiment for the first time on a realistic data corpus. The quality of search results is reviewed and evaluated in many fields but especially those specialising in patent search."

There's a live stream of the event (9am-6pm, GMT + 1) on the 6th of November and same times tomorrow.

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