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November 17, 2008

Things I'd like for xmas from Twitter

I use Twitter daily and think it's great for businesses as well.  Customer service is vastly improved and product information can be disseminated to those interested.  I use it as a personal account and like to follow people with the same interests, because that way I can get really interesting information from them, and hopefully they can get some from me too.  Twitter is pretty basic though, which is good, but I wish there were a few more features that would make my experience and account management a bit better.

  • Putting followers into categories (SEO, Web 2.0, yogis...) - there is "GroupTweet" but you have to ask everyone you want in each to join it. Laborious.
  • Having the "search for people" tool actually work and not be out of service every time I try to use it
  • Threads for replies (I can't always remember what the reply was about)
  • Categorise users by "not following", "new", "long-timers"...
  • Recommendations for people who I might be interested in following
  • A filter for spam and fakes
There are external tools who allow you to do some of these things.  I think it would be nice to have it all in Twitter though.

For a good list of Twitter tools, see the Seoptimise list.

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