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November 17, 2008

PhD offer - for the academics

Just a shout out to the academic readers, the University of Geneva has a PhD position in Machine Learning for Multimedia Information Retrieval going if you want to apply.  

You'd be working in:

* multimodal information access, including:
o multimodal data analysis
o interactive learning
* Large-sale multimodal information handling, including
o construction of large-scale interactive frameworks
o relevance feedback handling

You'll need C++ and Java, and a strong background in Machine Learning, Computer Science.  because this position is in Geneva, you need to speak excellent English and also some French.  If you're not fluent in French, you must be willing to learn.

As with all PhD's you'll have teaching duties, and be expected to write papers.

Check out the announcement here.

And good luck if you're applying!

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