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November 23, 2008

10 free NLP tools for the SEO

Here is a list of 10 seriously sound NLP tools that I've used or still use both for SEO and other things.  I won't tell you what to do with them, I'm sure you'll find a use for the tool if you like it :)

  • FreeLing -  it's a package for language analysis containing amongst other things sentence splitters, pos-taggers, morphological analysis, flexible multiword recognition, named entity detection...
  • Assert - it's for semantic role tagging.  It annotates naturally occurring text with semantic arguments.  
  • LingPipe -  Java libraries for linguistic analysis.  It uncovers relationships within your text, and classifies text passages by language, character encoding, genre, topic, or sentiment and it can also cluster documents into sets.
  • WordSmith tools - lots of language tools in one environment, the text appears all highlighted and analysed for you to use.
  • WordNet - cool little machine readable dictionary, but not good for domain specific tasks.  There is also a Java library.
  • GATE - for general text engineering, an awesome toolkit for text-mining.
  • SenseClusters - clusters similar contexts together (using unsupervised methods)
  •  Amalgram - it's a pos tagger (it uses Brill too)


MikevanderHeijden said...

I found this post through "SEO Higher Learning" and find it fascinating to say the least. I'm a big fan!

Thanks :)

CJ said...


I'm really glad this list was helpful to you, thanks for the comment.


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