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November 16, 2008

Super fast live blogging and more

At PubCon a lot of people live-blogged from the event.  This means that as the talks and presentations took place, they shared what was being said and what was going on via their blogs.  This is really important for any community because it allows for the sharing of information (which is what the web has always fundamentally been about), and opens up discussions.  Not everyone can go and attend a conference at the other end of the world for financial, practical or other reasons.  There are also loads and loads of conferences each year - it's not possible to attend all of them unless you can make a living out of it.

I like the SEO conferences, the web 2.0 conferences, and all the HCI, AI, natural language processing and information retrieval conferences.  Not to mention all those on smart agents but there aren't so many of those.  I can't go to all of them!

Having live blogged myself, I know it's knackering, and that you're typing away, it's frantic and hard work!  I have come across a really cool gadget that can speed things up no end though, and I am really excited about it.

It's called "DigiScribble".  It's a pen basically.  You can write with it on paper, or even draw, and it will store all the information digitally in the little device you clip to the paper.  Then you take it to your hotel or home or something and upload it all onto your computer.  You can leave it all freehand, or have it convert it to typed text and nice smart diagrams or whatever you have. 

It can also take over from the mouse, so for presenting it's great, you point it at the screen and it moves stuff about, opens documents, all the stuff you'd do with a mouse, without having a clunky mouse about (although I love my mine with a passion).

I have a ton of diagrams to do for my system design, which have to be in my PhD thesis.  Powerpoint takes ages and ages, dragging those little shapes about, and all that.  Now I just freehand draw it on paper, and convert it to "shape".  It has made my life a whole lot easier.

I'll be using it in meetings, conferences, and even on the plane so I don't have to have my laptop open and be typing away.  

Definitely give it a go, it's priced at £49.99 and I'm pretty sure you can get it in the US and elsewhere too.

There's a live Demo here.

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