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December 10, 2008

Tips for blog writing? Really?

After writing commercial blogs and such things, I really like that my blog doesn't sell anything, or try to be anything more than what it is: A place for information about IR related topics which relate to SEO work, although not all SEO peeps will see it that way.

I follow no guidelines, I don't promote although I submit to Sphinn but tiring a little of it now.  I also write on the wrong platform...I don't care.  It's my hobby.  If you guys enjoy reading and get something from it, excellent stuff.  My work here is done :)

I'm going to list a generic number of tips given out by numerous blogs online and I'll answer each one truthfully in a no nonsense way:

Make your opinion known - Yes obviously
Link like crazy - NO!  I'll link when I feel it's appropriate and useful to my readers.
Be yourself - Yes, definitely!
Write less - No.  I'll write as much a I like thank you v. much.
250 Words is enough - No.  (Where did that figure come from?)
Make Headlines snappy - Ok
Write with passion - Of course, what's the point of this blog otherwise?
Include Bullet point lists - Where appropriate.
Edit your post - Of course.
Make your posts easy to scan - Ok
Be consistent with your style - Obviously.
Litter the post with keywords - NO!
Write with the reader in mind - Of course but I have readers from a mix of backgrounds.
No Jargon - Well part of the blog is to introduce new things so yes Jargon, but always explained or linked to a clear explanation.
Make bold statements - When appropriate ok.
Be controversial - When I have reason to be.
Always respond to comments - Yes, always.
Write for a global audience - It's not always easy to do that because I guess this blog isn't aimed at my next door neighbour who is a nurse or the Noob SEO (no offence but I think this blog might come across a bit scary) but rather at advanced SEO experts and computing people and interested scientists, linguists etc...

Seth Godin says the best thing ever: write something that "causes the reader to look at the world differently all day long" - This is probably the entire idea of this blog, I'd love it if something went *ping* for you and you began a journey in a whole new exciting world :)

I could write less but I don't think you'd get a complete summary of what are sometimes difficult topics, you'd get a snap shot and you'd have to do a lot of digging yourself.  The point is that you can just read my summary and understand enough to "get it" but if you want more, you can breeze on to new and more complex resources.

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