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December 19, 2008

Submit a paper to SAW 2009!

The "3rd Workshop on Social Aspects of the Web (SAW 2009)" is calling for papers - you don't have to be a die-hard academic or scientist to submit a paper. In fact I encourage those from other backgrounds to do so, as it's really good for diversity at these conferences, and your insight is valuable to the community.

"The goal of the 3rd Workshop is to bring researchers and practitioners together to explore the issues and challenges related to social aspects of the Web."

The deadline for submission is the 1st February - conference is 27-29th April in Poland:

* Long papers: max. 12 pages
* Work-in-progress reports: max. 6 pages
* Demo papers: max. 4 pages

If you fancy giving it a go the areas of interest (broadly) are:

 - People on the social Web (communities, collaboration, interaction models...)

 - Data and content on the social Web (social content organisation, semantic social web, ontologies...)

 - Social software and services (specific types of social networks, architectures, technologies...)

 - Mining the social Web (the social graph, activity patterns, marketing...)

For more in-depth information and the submission procedure see their website.  Pay special attention to the format required because if it's not in that format they'll discard your paper.

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