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December 17, 2008

Off Topic!

I felt like writing about something mildly off topic today, the "Chicken and the egg" so called problem.

I read papers all the time where scientists have alluded to it, and it is of course all over marketing, advertising, management etc...

"Tim Berners-Lee's vision of a Semantic Web is hindered by a chicken-and-egg problem".

The thing is that I really can't see where the "problem" is and I never really have.  There. I've said it. I have no idea what you're all going on about.

In super sped up:
Once there was ice.  Then bacteria started to form.  A very strange creature appeared who gave birth to another one, and this one laid an egg containing a dinosaur with a beak, and this one laid another egg containing a smaller more rounded animal with a beak and scales.  This one laid an egg with...a chicken in it.  

Now in normal time:
This chicken laid an egg too, and it contained a chicken.  This chicken will also lay an egg and it should also contain a chicken (unless aliens are going to come and mess up my whole explanation) which will hatch to be another chicken.

They are evolving as are we.  Eventually the chicken will lay an egg that will hatch chicken 2.0

Until then, there is no issue.  No egg, no chicken.  No problem.

The experts concur I might add.  

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