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December 07, 2008

10 free papers: semantic relatedness of words

There's a lot of buzz about keywords and their semantic relatedness recently so I thought I'd volunteer 10 good papers, freely available via citeseer to widen or extend the conversation.  The list is obviously by no means exhaustive.

Non-computer scientists, don't be afraid of the big complicated equations and stuff, if you get the gist of it that's perfectly cool - you can pick these up with practice, and remember, it's not rocket science, it's computer science :)

Here they are:

A WordNet based rule generalization engine for meaning extraction   by Joyce Yue Chai, Alan W. Biermann — 1997 — Tenth International Symposium On Methodologies For Intelligent Systems

Finding Semantically Related Words in Large corpora by Fi Mu, Pavel Smrž, Pavel Rychlý 

Syntactic contexts for finding semantically related words by Lonneke Van Der Plas, Gosse Bouma — In CLIN

 Making senses: Bootstrapping sense-tagged lists of semantically related words by Nancy Ide — 2006 — Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing. Lecture notes in Computer Science 3878

Mapping syntactic dependencies onto semantic relations  by Pablo Gamallo, Marco Gonzalez, Alexandre Agustini, Gabriel Lopes, Vera S. De Lima — 2002 — ECAI Workshop on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Ontology Engineering

Contextual word similarity and estimation from sparse data (1993) by Ido Dagan In Proceedings of the 31st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Putting Pieces Together: Combining FrameNet, VerbNet and WordNet for Robust Semantic Parsing (2005) by L Shi, R Mihalcea in Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics

Exploring the Potential of Semantic Relatedness in Information Retrieval (2006) by Christ of Müller, Iryna Gurevych, In Proc. of LWA 2006 Lernen - Wissensentdeckung - Adaptivität: Information Retrieval

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