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September 30, 2008

Technorati report - part 5

This section is entitled "Brands Enter The Blogosphere".

Here is a summary of Technorati's findings:

They found that 4 in 5 bloggers mention brands either in a positive or negative light.  This is very true in my opinion, I discuss Google, and other search engines after all.  1/3 of bloggers have been approached by a brand.

Most believe that newspapers won't survive the next 10 years.  I think it would be a shame because I like to get the Sunday paper and read all the supplements over coffee, and sprawl out over the sofa, but I have to admit that I rarely buy a daily and I do read all my news online.

Bloggers spend twice as much time online than other users.  This I believe. I am a little ashamed to admit that I must spend on average at least 12hrs online a day between my job, my blog and my usual net admin (email, social networks) and news fix.  Technorati actually found that bloggers were the most likely to use new applications, which is true, for me as I pounce on them, and they use social media a lot, in at least 5 web 2.0 activities.

"37% of bloggers have been quoted in traditional media based on a blog post." - I haven't had the honour but I have read blog mention in New Scientist even.

The report also states that bloggers don;t spend as much time watching tv.  I hardly ever watch TV and if I have it on, it's humdrum in the background.  I'd be interested to know what kind of TV programs bloggers watch.  

For more, read the report.

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