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September 25, 2008

Technorati report - Part 3

This one is called "The how of blogging".

One in 4 blogger spend at least 10hrs on their blog.  This, when you think about it, is quite a lot of time if you consider that a working week is on average 40hrs.  I spend time here and there when I have it and aim to post once a day but sometimes, twice and day and at times not at all.  

It's worth posting often and lots though, if you want to be popular:

"Over half of the Technorati top authority bloggers post five or more times per day, and they are twice as likely to tag their blog posts compared to other bloggers."

They're also good at getting the word out about their blog, listing them in Technorati, Google, and commenting and linking out to other blogs.  Tagging them also increases traffic.  Apparently "half of active blogs attract more than 1000 monthly visitors."  That's a lot as far as "Science for seo" is concerned :)

But, one in ten will hire people to work on their blogs, and corporate blogs hire full-time and/or part-time staff, but most have unpaid help.  I suspect the unpaid help comes in the form of employees.  

Also "Bloggers with advertising invest significantly more money in their blogs than bloggers who do not accept advertising.".

This blog has not been optimised, and is not listed all over the place.  I don't participate in forums and other blogs for coverage either, but yes, the URL is listed here and there.  I have analytics enabled, but I can't remember when I last checked them.  I am therefore a bad blogger.  

This is a bit of an experiment though.  I spend a lot of my time optimizing blogs and websites, forums and for social media.  I didn't want this blog to be all about that, but rather about the interesting bit of SEO we sometimes forget while we frantically rush to get everything done in the week.  That bit is the research and investigation into what's going on out there, in academic and corporate research, on the internet, in computing.  I don't blog about mainstream seo news, because many people do that well enough.

I guess there weren't enough bloggers like me to be incorporated into the Technorati stats :)

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rdean said...

Really interesting post, thanks!

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