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September 01, 2008

Sorting data like a human

Some interesting research has been funded at MIT by the James S. McDonnell Foundation Causal Learning Research Collaborative, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the NTT Communication Sciences Laboratory. Charles Kemp is in charge and cool things are being discovered.

Computers can't pick up on information like humans do because they have trouble finding where to begin, unless a specific pattern strutcure is given. Human have pattern matching skills which utilize information that the machine doesn't have. MIT have devised a way for the computer to figure out which type of organizational structure best fits the given data. The computer looks for all pattern structures and then weighs them up against each other. The computer tries different data structures on the data until it decides that it's found the one that best fits the data.

It might sound simple because us humans do this all the time with no trouble at all, but that's the beauty of it really. This is hopefully going to shed some light on how humans thinks, how humans recognise patterns in data, and this will in turn help us create a better machine.

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