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September 09, 2008

Google News archive search

Today Google brought our attention to the fact that they have been working on digitalizing newspapers for online use.  Their technology can tell apart headings and text through optical character recognition.  It's built on the scanning technology used for books, but has some extra features.  

You can browse these in the Google news archive, or by using the timeline feature in Google news.  Google are going to keep working on this, and they're going to serve contextual ads through the service.    They say that they're also going to try and drive print subscriptions.

I can see this service being really useful for people researching history, as essentially it replaces the microfiche method at the library.  It adds to Google's archived news data, and as we know, more data is always better.  I'm not convinced I'll be using this service though, I'm not entirely sure what I'd use it for.

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