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September 26, 2008

Friday's geeky humour

A manager went to a master programmer and showed him the requirements document for a new application. The manager asked the master, "How long will it take to design this system if I assign five programmers to it?" 

"It will take one year," said the master promptly. 

"But we need this system immediately if not sooner! How long will it take if I assign ten programmers to it?" 

The master programmer frowned. "In that case, it will take two years." 

"And what if I assign a hundred programmers to it?" 

The master programmer shrugged. "Then the design will never be completed," he said. 

Have a good weekend :)

1 comment:

gdryden said...

That's why data driven programming can reduce the bug explosion from exponential to linear as the complexity grows.

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