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September 25, 2008

Technorati report - part 2

This section is called "The what and why of blogging".

This part of the report explains the motivation of bloggers and gives some interesting stats about bloggers.

It says that most bloggers consider their style to be "sincere, conversational, humorous and expert."  Apparently snarky, confessional and gossip orientated blogs fell to the bottom of the list.  however both personal and professional blogs are popular.  

Some bloggers want to remain anonymous, because of colleagues, work and so on, but many bloggers are happy to disclose their identity.  Those who have are better know in their industry and have been invited to speak at events, write for a publication or be on the radio as the result of keeping their blog.  

I have made friends through my blogs, especially my blog about my trip to Mysore, India.  My most successful blog was in fact under an alias, as I was commenting on papers, not always in a positive light, by people who could be an examiner in my viva or a reviewer for an academic research  publication.  It was best to keep a low profile.  I did have a lot of success from it, being quoted in "SEOmoz", "eConsultancy", "SEO by the sea" and such sites.  I've still never owned up to it!

The report also states that:

"International bloggers tend to be less conversational and snarky. Asian bloggers tend to be more motivational and confessional, while European bloggers are more confrontational. Women tend to be more conversational in their blogging style, while men tend to be expert."

It depends on what blog you're writing I think.  Here I'm more expert, and on my other blogs more conversational.  This is a blog about science and seo and my others are about trips and yoga.  I don't think those stats necessarily represent truly the demographics.

People blog because:
  • They want recognition
  • To network
  • To get into traditional media
  • For career advancement
  • To make money
  • To self-promote
  • To share ideas
  • To be known as an expert
  • “to bake half-baked ideas.”
I would say that my motivation is to become more involved in the seo community and the science community once again, after a break.  I enjoy the exchange of ideas and it's a good place to get my ideas straight.  Well mostly :)

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