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July 28, 2008

New stuff in IR

The BCS informer newsletter is out with a whole load of easy to digest info on new stuff emerging from IR right now, such as for example automatic text analysis, multimedia retrieval.

A few highlights for you:

The annual ECIR (European conference on information retrieval) conference took place recently in Glasgow. Amil Singhal from Google, Nick Belkin of Rutgers Uni, Bettina Berendt of K.U. Leuven all gave interesting speeches. They talked about the main challenges in IR at the moment, namely user interaction, information seeking and IR, intentions, scalability, ranking, privacy issues...Amil Singhal stated that the main thing right now for users was “This is what I said, give me what I want”.

The conference also covered cross-language IR, IR models, evaluation, web IR, and new topics such as social media.

It was decided that language technology has done little to further IR. It was shown however that search will turn gradually more and more to conversational systems (thankfully or all my research would be in vain!).

Theo Huibers said something I really like and find very appropriate "“Forget about the
structure. Deal with the chaos!”, referring to the problems in search today.

Book reviews: “Automatic Text Analysis” By Alexander Mehler & Reinhard K√∂hler and “Multimedia Retrieval” By H.M. Blanken et al.

You can join IRSG (Specialist group on information retrieval) for free.

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