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July 14, 2008

New search engine using A.I

ZeBAze is a new type of search engine that treats querying and information retrieval in a very different way. It's supposed to treat the task the same way as a human would (cognitively), seeing as it uses flexibility allowing users to be a bit looser in their searches. As well as A.I techniques it uses a lot of datamining functions.

The user can scale values to any field, and ZeBAze retrieves the rows closest to these preferences in the database. "Flexible understanding" is used to rank the results. You can also use regular expression in your query as well as the classic form of querying. You can display the results on the screen or you can write them to a database to be used later either with ZeBAze or another application. ZeBAze adapts to any database structure.

It's windows based only sadly, but you can use any database you want, spreadsheet table or structured text file. It costs USD 99, but there's also a free edition.

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