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July 14, 2008

A.I for marketing

The major strength of A.I for SEO is in my opinion it's ability to trawl through large amounts of data quickly and intuitively. Obviously datamining techniques come into play. You can automatically examine, visualise, and find patterns in your data. This would be a huge help in any business.

Customer analytics is an area that could benefit from these techniques. Being able to trawl through data to reveal customer behaviour, buying patterns,site preferences, product preferences over time and show patterns in these, amongst a whole host of other things including cross-selling.

We've been using this type of technology for quite some time in bioinformatics, medical engines, pharmaceuticals, and a lot of other scientific areas. A.I has also been included in CRM systems.

Artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) is a form of direct marketing and helps you basically find out more about your customer. That's the first step at least. Privacy issues are a problem because user data has to be gathered and user monitored.

If you have a subscription to the IEEE, there's a good paper on A.I for marketing from Bowen called "Marketing and artificial intelligence: with neural net market segmentation example".

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