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January 05, 2009

Happy new year :)

Hi people, I hope you had a good festive season full of joy and excitement.  I was lucky enough to go Skiing and bobsledding in La Plagne and had the lovely chance to see all the French family too.  A new year full of promise and changes. I hope yours has excellent surprises aplenty and much well deserved success.

I set myself a couple of goals each year which involve helping others out.  This year the following are close to my heart:

 - Help Kathy Klein and Susan Hadary make the ENIAC programmers documentary
The ENIAC was the first ever all-electronic programmable computer (14th feb 1946), programmed by 6 young women called  Betty Snyder Holberton, Jean Jennings Bartik, Kathleen McNulty Mauchly Antonelli, Marlyn Wescoff Meltzer, Ruth Lichterman Teitelbaum and Frances Bilas Spence.  They were never credited for their work or even introduced as opposed to the (all men) engineers who worked on it.  
The ladies are still alive and it would be insanity to not document their experiences and thoughts on computing.  This is important for this generation, the last generation and future generations.  It's pretty sickening that no big hugely rich company has sponsored this documentary.

I want to given this coverage, shout about it, donate money, do a sponsored run...or a sponsored daredevil thing.

 - One laptop per child

This one is also close to my heart.  We spend all day on our computers, relying on them, the internet, software etc... to earn our livings and get ahead.  There are a lot of children who are not going to get this chance because in their countries there is no infrastructure for them to enter the digital age.  This creates a digital divide between them and us.  Donating laptops through the "One laptop per child" initiative allows us to combat this and give these kids a chance of being part of the modern world, a chance for a future.

 - Support Operation Shanti 

I was in Mysore (India) a couple of years ago for a month practising Ashtanga yoga at the Guru, Pattabbhi Jois's Shala.  It was a wonderful experience and I also got to mingle with the locals, including some very very poor and deprived children.  Operation Shanti looks after those kids.

Here is a list of stuff they need - can you help?  

 - IR - SEO

Then of course there's that small challenge of getting computing to involve more SEO professionals in their conferences and taking note of their expertise.  And also getting SEO professionals to start paying attention to the computing people's work a lot more.

Here I'm sure you can help :) - Happy new year all.


theGypsy said...

Happy New year to U as well CJ... looking forward to lots of working and learning together this year - and kicking ass of course :0)

CJ said...

Oh absolutely, you bet!

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ.
You got my support for the last goal: SEO needs more science.
Happy new year!


CJ said...

Thank Alex!

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